The National Socialist Network is made up of White Australians dedicated to bringing the National Socialist message to our people and forming local groups of like-minded activists. We are working to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Our nation is dying, our heritage is being destroyed and our race is being exploited and attacked. The system has deliberately allowed millions of non-Whites to invade our continent, while simultaneously teaching our people to despise themselves and their ancestors. If the government is allowed to continue these actions unchallenged, then White Australians face a future as a persecuted minority in their own country, followed by racial extinction.

If White Australia is to survive, then it must organise itself towards this end, and only National Socialism—the highest and most sophisticated creed of the White man—can do this all-important task. National Socialism is the only worldview that puts racial survival first. Its values of health, strength and joyous struggle, stand in absolute contrast to this sickly society’s veneration of degeneracy, weakness and perpetual victimhood.

White Australia must fight against the lies of this dying society and those who would have us wiped from the face of the Earth. Australia for the White man!

What we do

The National Socialist Network is engaged in:

  • spreading the message of National Socialism to White Australians.
  • providing a means for National Socialists to network with their peers and organise locally.
  • educating its activists on the National Socialist worldview and practical activism skills.

The National Socialist Network is only a means to an end, and that end is to build Australian National Socialism into a credible alternative for White Australians disgusted with the multiracial, liberal cesspit this once great country is becoming.

While these aims are modest, they will be the first step along the road to the revolution which will ultimately be required for the survival of our people.

Social Media

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