The Martyrdom of Tommie Lindh

In the early morning of the 10th of May, a young nationalist Swede was robbed of his life. The motive for the bestial act was that the perpetrator Abubaker Mohamad, intended to rape a young Swedish woman. Mohamad had made advances towards the woman earlier in the evening that had been rejected, and the young man had confronted him about it. In typical nigger fashion, the nigger responded by stabbing the young man. The injuries caused by the attack were so severe that he died the next day. The Swedish man who heroically died protecting his friend was named Tommie Lindh.

The 22-year-old nigger was arrested and charged with murder, gross sexual assault, rape, serious illegal threats, and serious abuse.

The anti-White liberals that read this will be more upset with the fact that the writer has called a nigger a nigger, than the fact that a nigger raped a White teenage girl and killed a White teenage boy who tried to defend her. The scum that placate nigger behaviour are a cancer that must be removed from our body politic. One can already feel them reporting the writer to the system pigs, begging for them to charge him with hate speech.

Perhaps the Victoria Police will oblige, but they’re probably too busy dealing with this state’s increasing crime problem, which is largely due to the government’s insane immigration policy. We Australians are facing the same problem that Sweden is facing in regards to Sudanese niggers. According to The Age newspaper, Sudanese niggers, which are but one type of nigger, were vastly over-represented in the 2015 data, responsible for 7.44% of home invasions, 5.65% of car thefts and 13.9% of aggravated robberies, despite Sudanese niggers making up about 0.11% of Victoria’s population.

In actuality, the Victoria Police are probably more busy appeasing the Melbourne niggers who held a march to honour the American nigger George Floyd who put a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly.

The only way to solve the nigger crime problem is to go to the root cause: the niggers themselves. Before the niggers arrived, we didn’t have nigger crime. The niggers all across the White world need to be sent back. Whether a nigger lives in Sweden or Australia does not matter, he still behaves as a nigger.

Of course, the liberals will come out crying and whining that we have to treat each nigger as an individual, and then point out a bunch of monkeys in suits, claiming that their existence proves that equality is true!

If the nigger race doesn’t care if the niggers it defends are the worst type of criminals, including murderers and rapists, why should we Whites care if we get rid of the alleged talented section of niggers along with the rest?

This talented section, which would be no higher than 10% of niggers, only functions due to the discipline imposed on them by the White man anyway. Where are these competent niggers back in Africa?

The reason so many people believe the myth of nigger exceptionalism, is that a nigger’s entire run through life is greased with lowered standards. A nigger gets into a school it’s unprepared for, but no matter; at the end of its “studies”, there’ll be a cushy middle-class job awaiting its lack of talent due to diversity hiring schemes. One can drop standards lower than a nigger’s pants, and it still won’t be able to meet them.

No matter how hard the government tries, you cannot turn a nigger into a middle-class White by coaxing it into a suit and opening books at it.

The only sane solution to the nigger problem is to simply send them back to the trees in Africa and let them live how they’ve lived for thousands of years. We all know that the government won’t do anything to solve the problem because this is precisely what it wanted to happen. For the state, noticing the crime becomes a worse offense than the actual rapes, murders and beatings perpetrated by niggers! Its only solution is more mandatory anti-racism classes at work and school, more media brainwash about how privileged Whites are to have such diverse cultures in our country, and more witch-hunt court cases from human rights commissions.

How did they get here in the first place, and why? The simple fact is that the coons did not paddle their banana boats all the way from darkest Africa to Australia and then beg the White man to stay. They were flown direct from Africa to Australia by the conservative government of John Howard, at the behest of the United Nations. Just to rub it in, Howard’s successors would later solemnly pledge to stop violence from those very same pavement apes they brought in, if only the voters gave them another chance!

As to the why, our overlords will use any two-legged biological weapon they can find to turn our White communities into nests of moronic, cultureless mongrels. Racially and culturally homogenous communities are capable of resistance—when their governments and economic systems no longer serve their interests, they cast them off and create new ones.

For National Socialists, the state is an expression of the community. The opposite is true of the gaggle of mutt tribes that the government intends to have make up the new Australia. They will be tied to each other only by the brute force and welfare dollars of central government; incapable of any independent action beyond holding out the begging bowl and screaming about oppression. In this case, the people have become an expression of the state—the result of generations of social engineering designed to create a pliant slave race of worker-consumer drones for international capital.

As the problem gets worse and worse, more and more White men, like Tommie Lindh, will have simply had enough of nigger arrogance and nigger crimes against our people. One day soon, there will be justice and the enemies of our race will be held to account. There is nothing more unjust than death, which often rejects the wicked in order to fall on the righteous. Tommie Lindh deserved better. He had his whole life ahead of him.

We would not know Tommie Lindh’s name and he would still be alive if it was not for the traitors and Jews who brought the niggers into our countries. They are responsible for his death. The martyrdom of Tommie Lindh has become a powerful symbol of the White man’s struggle for survival. All across the world National Socialists are honouring him. He has become a model for all honourable White men to emulate. Tommie Lindh became a National Socialist martyr the second he paid the ultimate price, defending the honour of the Swedish nation.

How tremendous must have been his sense of duty, how great must have been his honour, how powerful must have been his loyalty for him to have faced death in such a way!

We’ll see you in Valhalla brother.