The National Socialist Network is a political activism group, and conducts its activities within the same legal parameters as any other such organisation in Australia. It is not illegal to hold National Socialist views, nor is it illegal to publicly criticise government policies such as multiculturalism and mass non-White immigration.

That said, we must address a lie often levelled against nationalists – the lie that they are “far-right terrorists” or soon to be. The government and its collaborators in the media have begun to hysterically rant about the threat of “far-right terrorism” and the apparent need to do something about it. The simple fact is that terrorism in Australia has been overwhelmingly perpetrated by racial aliens imported by the government. The fantasy of “far-right terrorism” has been pushed to cover up this fact, and allow the security establishment to milk even more money from the taxpayer with virtually no accountability. It has also given the authorities an excuse to harass anyone involved in nationalist politics, on the pretext that “extremist” ideas will inevitably result in political violence.

The National Socialist Network knows it is under the eyes of the Big Brother system and with that knowledge in mind, is determined to not engage in activity that will have it shut down. In response to this, the system is seeking to break its own rules in order to intimidate White Australians, by transforming law-abiding activism into “dangerous and violent terrorism”.

We state unequivocally that we have not, and will never use or advocate violence or terrorism to further our movement. Our revolution will be achieved by persuading our people of the justness of our cause, and building political organisations to further the survival of the White race. Any suggestion to the contrary is simply a lie, and the motives of those making such claims should be very closely examined.


Everything we do is publicised in order to disseminate our views to the public and make ourselves known to as many of our people as we can.

Nevertheless, we protect the identities of our activists in order to stop them being harassed by the government and its anti-fascist pets.