The Metapolitical Struggle

If Australian National Socialism is to develop from the personal belief of a few scattered adherents into a true political force, then we will need to introduce our ideas to broader society. How this is to be done is not an easy question, and goes beyond surface questions of aesthetics and presentation style. We provide here a theoretical framework for comprehending the nature of our task, which must ultimately be orientated towards bringing about a total revolution in Australian politics and society. This task is of the utmost importance for the future of our people.

Why National Socialism?

National Socialism is the worldview of Truth. Another word for Truth is Nature. By Truth or Nature, we are referring to the Natural laws of the universe. We affirm that there are Natural laws that make up reality, an example being gravity. We have decided to obey these laws as we know that we will be punished if we do not; if you deny the Truth of gravity, and decide to jump off a cliff without a means of slowing your descent, then you will be punished with death.

White Revolution is the Only Solution

What we seek is the complete changing of the trajectory of Australia. We don’t care in what way this is achieved. Power must be taken away from our enemies and put into our hands. What we seek is a revolution.

This Country is a Sinking Ship

You are living in a society that is dying. The founding race of this civilisation is being denigrated, attacked and replaced with foreigners. The birth rate for White Australians is below replacement levels due to the destruction of the family, sexual perversion and infanticide. Excessive taxation is funding the further disintegration of the country. There is only a semblance of law and order; the government is not punishing actual criminals but those who speak out against their destructive agenda. Substance abuse and immorality are rampant.

Blood and Honour

Blood and honour are the defining characteristics of a National Socialist nation. No man belongs to a National Socialist nationality without possessing these two traits.