Blood and Honour

Blood and honour are the defining characteristics of a National Socialist nation. No man belongs to a National Socialist nationality without possessing these two traits.

By blood, we are referring to race. Race is the genes we inherit from our ancestors. Race is real, concrete and quite literally black and white.

Race is most certainly not a social construct as our opposition claim. Perhaps the straw man conception of race the Jews and their collaborators in the media claim we believe in can be considered a social construct, but anyone with eyes to see knows that the difference between a European and an African is physical and not social.

The physical differences are only the most prominent and easily understood differences between peoples, but they are not the only ones. Every trait of a human was created by their genes and thus greatly influenced by them. Whether it be one’s mentality, psychology, values, and so on, all of them are influenced by the blood which facilitates the aforementioned’s existence. Acknowledging this fact does not necessitate viewing the environment you put these genes in as unimportant. On the contrary, National Socialists stress the importance of both nature and nurture.

We are racists, but our racism is not based on hatred, ignorance or fear as our enemies would have one believe. Our racism is based on the Natural order of things. It is simply the acceptance that races are different and that these differences are profound and of the utmost importance.

All of human life is rooted in biology. Human society only developed because humanity has the genome which made it possible. Furthermore, European society only developed because Europeans have the genome which made it possible.

Whether in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States or South Africa, anywhere the White man has conquered and simultaneously kept his blood pure and defended his genetic heritage, he has created a society of the same quality as those found in Europe.

This is in stark contrast to what has developed in areas of the world in which European ethnicities have conquered and intermixed with an alien population. They destroyed their genetic heritage and the result was not a society of the same quality as the one created by the pure European. A mongrel population has always created a mongrel society, a society endemic with corruption, crime and poverty, as can be clearly seen in South America and India.

This is what the criminal government seeks to bring about in this great land that our ancestors have left us. They want to turn this continent into another outpost of the third world.

Common blood is a necessity for common honour. Just as only European blood can create a European society, so too can only European blood create our European honour.

Blood is the prerequisite for honour. Blood is the foundation that makes a common honour possible, but possessing it does not bestow honour on one. Blood makes behaviour possible, but it does not ensure it.

There is nothing lower to us than a dishonourable White Australian. He has destroyed the potential engendered in him by his ancestors. He is a traitor.

Our National Socialist conception of honour can be viewed as living in accordance with our National Socialist values. To be honourable is to be a good National Socialist. This is indeed a simplistic explanation, but nevertheless, an honest one.

An honourable man is one who has a good standing in our National Socialist community. To be honourable is to be held in high esteem by other National Socialists through one’s deeds. National Socialists value a person according to his importance to the survival and advancement of the nation.

Honour is inextricably bound with duty. Those who accept personal responsibility for the survival of their people and actively work towards the realisation of our ideals are honourable.

Honour is inherently social and only exists in a group context. Our honour is loyalty to our National Socialist nation and its ideals. It is accountability to other National Socialists. To be honourable is to never turn from that which one has sworn allegiance.

Our honour is not fleeing from the struggle and pretending you are a National Socialist because you individually live according to our values without actively fighting for them. Those who give up the struggle, to play pretend by themselves while the enemy pours into the Australian continent by the million are dishonourable cowards.

Compared to the honour of fighting for National Socialism without regard for one’s safety, this petty, personal honour means nothing. It is selfishness and contrary to National Socialism. The honour of a National Socialist is his voluntarism to make the sacrifices that duty requires of him. The man who has more respect for the life of his nation than his own is honourable.

Our honour has nothing to do with any other honour and can do without. Nobody but a European can possess our honour. It is exclusive to us. We do not want praise or esteem from those outside of our nation. We are accountable to no one but ourselves and have no obligation to be honourable to those outside of our nation.

It is absolutely necessary that our race becomes honourable again for it to survive. National Socialists must take an active role in this transformation. Our National Socialist ideal of honour must triumph over all others.

You are not a National Socialist if you are dishonourable. A community is only as strong as the individuals who make it up, so cultivate your honour. Nothing will be built if we fail this all-important task.

Blood and honour!