This Country is a Sinking Ship

You are living in a society that is dying. The founding race of this civilisation is being denigrated, attacked and replaced with foreigners. The birth rate for White Australians is below replacement levels due to the destruction of the family, sexual perversion and infanticide. Excessive taxation is funding the further disintegration of the country. There is only a semblance of law and order; the government is not punishing actual criminals but those who speak out against their destructive agenda. Substance abuse and immorality are rampant.

These are some of the most pressing issues but they are not the only ones. The Natural laws of the universe are being transgressed and it does not take a great deal of intelligence to figure out where these trends will lead.

A metaphor often used, likens the governance of a country to the command of a naval vessel. This analogy is called the ‘ship of state.’ In it, the head-of-state is the captain, the government is the crew and the masses are the passengers. It is a simple and intuitive comparison. If we are to use this analogy, then it’s safe to say that the current, Australian ship of state is sinking.

As more and more water floods into the boat. Announcements are blaring, telling the passengers to return to their rooms, that everything is fine and that the crew has everything under control. Those who are making these announcements want everyone to sink and drown. They are telling us that water coming into the boat is all part of the plan and that anyone speaking out against it is evil. Not only are they lying to the passengers but they have taken active measures to stop them from getting to the lifeboats.

Many of our people are confused and are taking these lies at face value and obeying. They are too credulous and good-natured and so they find it hard to believe that the heads of the ship of state wouldn’t have their best interests at heart. This lack of understanding has the average person doing nothing to avert the crisis at hand.

The crew put all manner of distractions into the lives of our people to keep them from engaging in the allimportant struggle for their lives. They do not want them to fight for their survival. They want to channel the energy and vigour of young White men down useless, ineffective avenues so that instead of making their way towards the lifeboats, they waste their time playing cards.

They fill their lives with escapism. The average White man hides in video games, movies, books, ball games and other pastimes, and feel that they are real men. They trick themselves into thinking that they are soldiers, builders and leaders, but none of it is real.

Thus, the average White man in this country has become a faker. He can attack when the enemy doesn’t exist, he can be courageous when there’s nothing to fear, he can risk when the stakes are meaningless, but if you ask them to struggle for something tangible, that is real, you will find him scurrying away back to playing pretend.

This same tendency has manifested itself in mainstream Australian politics. Many that take part in this farce believe that staying on the ship is necessary and that we must only do things within that framework. They ignore the actual solutions around them in favour of pointless but inoffensive ones. They’ll rail on about safe non-issues endlessly, but will never genuinely challenge the way things stand.

On one hand, the right-wing want the ship to sink slower; they want to block up some breaches in the hull so that they can gain a few more minutes of life. On the other hand, the left-wing in their suicidal lunacy, want to sink the ship quicker by opening up new breaches. Despite this difference, there is no one in the mainstream political system that will not sink with the ship.

National Socialists want to do the only sensible thing in the situation: get on the lifeboats and survive. National Socialism is that lifeboat. It is the means of White survival. National Socialism only means that the White man should control his destiny, put his people first and be led by leaders who have his survival at heart.

We are alerting as many of our people as we can, that the ship is sinking and that there are lifeboats. We are yelling at them with a sense of urgency and earnestness, that this is a matter of life and death and that they must take action. Right now, only the bravest and most prudent people will follow us.

Of course, there will passengers that want us to be quiet and genteel. They want us to play by the established rules. They will point out all the rules and regulations written by the crew. Yet those petty concerns will not stop us, because we realise that these rules and regulations are under the control of those who want us to die; we will take them in consideration for our plan-of-attack, but will not be dictated by them.

Our methods are dictated by the belief that we must survive and that we must do everything we can to ensure that we do. That is our means of measuring whether or not something should or shouldn’t be done.

The crew defames us saying that we are lunatics for wanting to survive, that we are criminals for not following their rules that are calculated to hasten our destruction, that we are evil for not believing in their suicidal dogma.

They may call us that, but really, who are the evil, criminal lunatics? The ones who want to survive as a distinct and free nation or the ones who have no problem with a whole nation being wiped out because they believe their means of doing so, are “nice,” “comfortable” and “inoffensive?”

The important thing to National Socialists is that the nation survives. We will not be convinced to let our race and nation die if it is done in a quiet, peaceful way. It doesn’t matter if it’s done through race-mixing or physical destruction. It doesn’t matter if it’s self-inflicted or perpetrated by other races. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s done violently or peacefully. If you are aiding in the destruction of our people, we will fight against you.

Despite the degeneration and inaction of most of our people, there is hope for them. The reality is that you cannot ignore deadly problems indefinitely. They will come and find you in one way or another, as many are currently finding out, the water will eventually reach your room as well.

A part of the masses’ nature is that disaster has to imminent before they will do something. They will have to be affected personally before it becomes real. It will have to be their wages undercut and profession destroyed by foreigners. It will have to be their sons being assaulted at school by mobs of aliens. It will have to be their daughters being groomed by non-white gangs.

When this happens, most will remember those “alarmists” and their “crazy” talk about the ship sinking and the necessity of reaching the lifeboats. Some Whites will be so stupid that they will see the rising water level as a good thing and drown, but most will remember the National Socialists, who told them about the reality of the situation. Only then will they join our efforts.

You have two choices. You can either drown or make your way to the lifeboats. White Australia can live or it can die.

It will not be easy to survive, on the contrary, it will be a long and difficult struggle, but the sooner you begin actively working towards the task, the more likely we will succeed.

It doesn’t matter that there are confused and malignant people that want us to sink with the ship. We need to fight against them; we have been forced into a situation in which we cannot survive if we do not. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.