White Revolution is the Only Solution

What we seek is the complete changing of the trajectory of Australia. We don’t care in what way this is achieved. Power must be taken away from our enemies and put into our hands. What we seek is a revolution.

A revolution needs a revolutionary movement, not a club, a political party or a means for self-enrichment and gain. It needs to be based on sacrifice, not egoism.

Our efforts as a movement must be primarily aimed at creating an effective resistance to the current system that is capable of bringing about real change. We need to accept the revolutionary nature and methods of National Socialism and drop the right-wing, conservative and reactionary nonsense.

A revolution requires revolutionaries. We need men who are willing to do whatever is necessary regardless of the consequences. Revolution is first and foremost a mindset. The movement will depend on those who have the courage of their convictions and will not be intimidated.

Playing by the system’s rules has never worked. Today’s system is completely antithetical and opposed to National Socialism and the survival of White Australia. The only way to be within this system is to condemn the nation and race to death. We cannot rise if we lower ourselves to their level.

Our enemies are certainly evil but they are not stupid. They only attack a movement that is or has the potential to become a genuine, effective opposition. They won’t touch people that haven’t got a hope in hell of achieving anything.

The more effective you are, the more the enemy will attack you. The only way for a National Socialist to avoid persecution is to not be effective.

We must not succumb to the temptation of diminishing our effectiveness in exchange for security. The National Socialist must stand defiantly against all obstacles and overcome them.

Those who are paralysed with fear of provoking the enemy will do nothing effective. Any strategy that bases itself on the avoidance of enemy persecution will be, at best, treading water, but always counter-productive. To be a part of the current establishment means to not put any effective resistance in the way of the enemy’s goal: the destruction of White Australia. It is pure cowardice. We cannot seek to be a part of the establishment in order to face less hostility from the enemy.

The right-wing is inundated with cowards and traitors. You can be an ineffective idiot being a conservative, reactionary or right-winger. You cannot be thus as a revolutionary. You can be a complete incompetent and abject failure in the right-wing and yet still formulate clever reasons to hide or justify your failure. You can even make a living out of your incompetency.

It is the cowardly, impotent delusion of believing that you can achieve success without sacrifice. It is not National Socialism; it is seeking reward through submission. This is the mentality of a slave, not a master race.

The right-wing has been completely trampled underfoot. The people who have been trying to conserve or bring back the Australia of the past have utterly failed. All they do is advocate a slightly less potent form of the disease that their so-called opposition suffers from. Every time the left-wing makes progress in implementing their disgusting agenda, the right-wing just accept it and move on. Not only that, in no time at all they begin promoting what they used to supposedly be against. They haven’t any consistency, honesty or conviction.

Genuine revolution holds no reward unless totally successful. It is, therefore, an uninviting habitat for the cowards of the right-wing.

We cannot have a lack of seriousness in our mission of bringing forth a National Socialist revolution. Otherwise, we will be doomed to failure. There will be a lack of realism, purpose and an unending series of defeats just like the Australian right-wing has seen over and over again. We must completely part ways from these failed ideas and strategies.

In organising a National Socialist revolution, the only criterion that must be applied to every decision must be that of effectiveness. Methods which help advance our movement are good methods and those which do not are bad. It is time to accept the reality that these good methods will entail sacrifice.

It’s time to stop merely giving lip-service to words such as ‘Vanguardism,’ ‘Revolution’ and ‘National Socialism,’ and start actively embodying them.

We are loyal to National Socialism and nothing else. We are revolutionaries who are not ashamed of our worldview and mission. We will not endeavour to veil ourselves with foolish lies.

National Socialism is our faith and with it, we have elevated ourselves from cowardice and petty concerns into the realm of revolution.