Why National Socialism?

National Socialism is the worldview of Truth. Another word for Truth is Nature. By Truth or Nature, we are referring to the Natural laws of the universe. We affirm that there are Natural laws that make up reality, an example being gravity. We have decided to obey these laws as we know that we will be punished if we do not; if you deny the Truth of gravity, and decide to jump off a cliff without a means of slowing your descent, then you will be punished with death.

Humanity has never conquered Nature, only learned how it works and worked within its laws. Nature will be very generous to those who follow its laws and ruthless to those who do not. Man is not separate from the rest of the universe; we are bound to the same Natural laws as everything else.

When you obey Nature’s laws, a state of Natural order arises, just as a state of civic order arises from obedience to civic laws. The Natural order can be clearly seen among the vast majority of the animal kingdom. There is no hand-wringing when predators kill prey. We accept this Truth and the necessity of it when it is applied to any species other than humans. Animals do anything they can to survive and propagate. Why can we not apply this rule to ourselves as well? If a predator was to go against this Truth and decide not to hunt prey, then it will be punished with death; that is what is happening to the White race at the present moment. We, National Socialists, are fighting to restore the Natural order in racial affairs.

National Socialists use Natural laws and the Natural order that arises from adherence to them, as a standard for the validity of any doctrine. Any ideological doctrine that we use is derived from this worldview. All of our doctrines and actions are aimed towards securing the existence of our nation and the White race. We may have policies that look right-wing or left-wing or authoritarian or libertarian on the surface, but none of these ideologies factor into our choice of doctrine. Our guiding principle is that our race must live, and we will do anything necessary to ensure that.

If we, collectively as a race, decide to indefinitely ignore the Naturally ordained instinct of racism, then we will be punished and our race will die. Racism means to promote and protect the life of one’s race. Those who hate our race have redefined the term to mean hatred of and action against other races; this was done as a deliberate effort to weaken and kill our race. A racist is only against another race if it is a danger to the survival of their race. We have no aggressive intentions, but other races on this continent have made themselves enemies, and thus, made defensive measures required.

Nature gave us racist instincts because it is a survival trait. Those who are racist were and are far more likely to survive than those who aren’t. Anyone that tries to teach you not to be a racist, does not want you to survive.

In only fifty years of anti-racist government policy, Australia has gone from a 99% White country at its peak, to a 76% White country. If this process is not reversed in this century, then White Australia will die, either through conflict or mongrelisation. We must have exclusive possession of this country, in order to preserve, propagate and advance our nation.

For us, National Socialist White Australians, the most urgent issue, at present, is the survival of our nation and the White race. We oppose the current government because it is anti-White Australian. The government does not openly state that it is anti-White Australian, but only a fool would judge a government based on its words, rather than its actions.

Our nation is not a territory, a government or an aggregate of the present men and women that make it up. A common race, worldview and geographical territory are prerequisites to a nation, but a nation is an entity, real in itself. Our race is the White race and this common blood is needed for a nation to arise, but a nation and a race are not synonymous.

We have a common race with the White communist, the White miscegenator and any other White traitor, but not a common nationality. Our nation is the people of European blood in Australia, who adhere to the National Socialist worldview.

However, our nation is not only our people. Our monuments, our buildings, our cities belong to White Australia. Our landscapes, our rivers, our mountains belong to White Australia. Our achievements, our technology, our culture belong to White Australia.

The White Australian nation is all that was White Australian, is White Australian and will be White Australian. The nation is an unbroken chain, which we, as individuals, are merely one link, it stretches back even before White settlement on this continent and can stretch indefinitely into the future.

White Australia’s worldview must be National Socialism because it is the only worldview that will ensure our survival. A nation that adheres to Truth will be blessed and one that does not will, eventually, die.

‘Nationalism’ and ‘socialism’ are two different terms that have been combined as a name for our worldview. Nationalism means to promote and protect the life of one’s nation. Socialism means each man working towards something greater than himself, in contradistinction to individualism, that is, the idea of every man for himself. National Socialism can be understood as each man of the nation working towards the survival of the nation. Those that believe that National Socialism is Marxist socialism confined to a nation are mistaken.

An alternative name for ‘National Socialism’ is ‘Fascism.’ The word ‘Fascism’ comes from an ancient European symbol called the fasces; it is a collection of sticks tied together to form a bundle stronger than any of the sticks alone; it represents men coming together to form one nation stronger than any of men alone. The names ‘National Socialism’ and ‘Fascism’ represent the same idea.

National Socialism and Fascism are the same worldview and movement, finding different expressions in different countries in accord with different national cultures, racial characteristics and material conditions.

White Australian National Socialism will be different from the German National Socialism of the 20th century; for we are White Australians and they were Germans. We will have a different national expression and a different doctrine. Our movement is White Australian, and to win the victory for National Socialism here, we must acknowledge that we are different from Germans and are in a different situation; to do otherwise would be to deny ethnic and historical reality.

National Socialism is completely opposed to individualism. Individualists use their individualism as simply an excuse for their selfishness and lack of personal responsibility. They enjoy the benefits of everything that was created for them by better men and women; men and women, who came from over from Europe, settled this land and created civilisation. Our ancestors were not selfish individualists; they understood the necessity of collective effort towards a better future for their descendants. They were selfless. It is treason to accept the benefits of their sacrifices, without engaging in any sacrifice of your own; that is merely taking from the nation without giving back. White individualists are thieves and traitors.

National Socialists have only question to ask concerning any person’s activity. It is this: “Is the sum of the person’s activity beneficial to the survival of the nation? ” If the answer is in the affirmative, then that person is a valuable part of the nation, if in the negative, then he must change or be expelled from the community.

We believe in personal responsibility. We don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who will not or cannot pull their own weight and do something productive towards national survival; at the same time, we don’t have any interest in micro-managing and meddling with anyone’s business if it is beneficial to the nation.   The only people that have anything to fear from National Socialism, are those who are actively weakening our race. In a world where everything is struggling to dominate and survive, not actively fighting for yourself, is fighting against yourself. If you are White and inactive in the struggle for racial survival, then you are against us. You are White; you have a common race with us; if you don’t fight for our race, you are fighting against our race. You must get involved in the struggle or you will be condemned to history as a traitor and a coward.

The worldview is worldwide and not merely exclusive to Europeans, although, the name ‘National Socialism,’ by and large, is exclusive to White national expressions of the worldview. There are many National Socialist organisations in White nations and even non-White nations that we are happy to work with if it is line with our mission of national survival. This should not be confused with the desire to mix all White ethnicities and nations into one; we are opposed to this, just as we don’t want to mix all the races into one; but we understand that when the whole race is in danger, we must form a united front.

The fate of the White Australian nation is tied to the fate of the greater White race; putting our efforts towards the preservation of our nation at the expense of the preservation of the greater race is counter-productive. We do not believe in the narrow nationalism which pits German against Pole, Macedonian against Greek and Briton against Boer. The White man can no longer afford the luxury of racial self-annihilation.

The Europeans, that live on the Australian continent, must organise themselves and fight for their survival under the banner of National Socialism. We can not delay with half-measures. We are facing racial extinction. Political and economic systems can be resurrected, but the death of a race is forever. There is nothing more significant than this struggle. This is the “To be or not to be” of our people.

This is our land. It belongs to us in every way conceivable, if only we fight for it. It must be ours, totally ours, or White Australia will die. Know this Truth and live it and we will triumph.

Hail Victory!